At Badger EV pride ourselves in our excellent customer service right from your initial enquiry through to your installation by one of our fully-certified installers and finally and most importantly to our after sales support from our fully-qualified team of technical consultants.

It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3…

Step 1

Once you have completed the enquiry form you will be sent a text message with a link to our website. We will then ask you a few questions and you will also be asked to upload a few pictures of your property including where you’d like your charger installed. The information will enable your local approved installer to provide your quotation. 

Step 2

One of our approved installers from your local area will contact you with your fully installed quotation.

Step 3

Once you have reviewed the quotation and are ready to proceed, please accept the quote and you will be contacted directly to arrange a convenient time and date for your installation.

FAQs Regarding Getting A Badger-EV Quote

Does Badger-EV supply my Badger-EV charger directly to me?

Badger-EV does not supply direct to customers and instead you will buy your Badger-EV charger from one of our Approved Installer Partners who will also install your charger for you. It will be the Approved Installer who will bill you for your Badger-EV charger and the transaction will be bound by their terms & conditions. To start this process, click ‘Get a full installation quote’ on the Badger-EV website.

What do I do if I have questions about the quote I receive?

Your Badger-EV Approved Installer will be in touch with you directly about your quote and at this point they will be happy to answer any questions you may have. Additionally, they will agree an installation date with you.

If I have already bought a Badger-EV charger so should I click on ‘Get an installation quote’ to arrange for an installation?

No as this only works for the entire process. If you have already bought your Badger-EV charger please email stating your name, address and contact number and Badger-EV will arrange for a local Approved Installation Partner to contact you directly.

Why are photos required in order to get a quote?

To enable the Approved Installer to give you as accurate a quote as possible you just need to provide photos of where you want your Badger-EV to be installed, where you park your car, your electricity meter and finally your fuse box.

What if I have queries or wish to provide feedback about this process?

If you have questions or queries concerning the quote provided by the Approved Installer, you will need to contact them directly. However, if you wish to provide feedback to Badger-EV about this process, please email us on  

Are the installers local to me?

Badger-EV have a nationwide network of Approved Installation Partners and one will be selected who covers your local area.