The Faster, Smarter, Greener way to charge your EV

Badger EV DC Charger

BPE proudly introduces our new range of DC Electric Vehicle Chargers; designed to be the ideal solution for commercial and industrial applications. Our new D6 40kW DC Rapid Charger provides faster charging for EVs and is fully OCPP 1.6 compatible; it is designed to work with a wide range of fleet management and backend software providers.

DC Charger

DC Charger

DC Charger Features


  • 5m CCS 2 tethered cable, works with all EVs in Europe
  • RFID card or App authentication
  • 150 – 1000 VDC output voltage range
  • LCD screen and LED light bar display
  • Emergency Stop Button
  •  IP55
  • Forced Air Cooling




Use RFID cards to start and stop charging sessions

Emergency Shutdown

Emergency Shutdown

Quickly and safely stop a charging session in case of an emergency

3 Year Warranty


3 Year warranty as standard.


OCPP 1.6

Fully OCPP 1.6 compliant,  works with a wide range of software providers

No Earth Rod Required

Smart Charging

As agile tariffs become more and more popular, our EV charger range capitalises on this by allowing you to set charging periods, meaning you can charge your vehicle at the lowest available tariff rate.

Dynamic Load Balancing (DLB)

Rapid Charging

Charge between 20kW and 40kW, reducing your overall charging time